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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our hundreds of loyal customers who voted us "Best Pool Builder of 2016" in the June 2016 issue of What's Up Annapolis. We appreciate the recognition and stive to make every customer feel as valued as we do from recieving this award. Did you know we also can build your pool patio? Even if you had a different installer, we are there for you to give your oasis a "Great Scapes Touch". We can enhance your existing pool with a dive rock, waterfall, pool deck or patio. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote by completing the form below.




Probably the most common common question we get on swimming pools is Saltwater. Saltwater pools have caught on like wildfire and continue to own the market when it comes to making swimming pool water care the simplest, most reliable, comfortable, and affordable. With saltwater pool care, pool owners no longer have to purchase chlorine, shock, and many other pool care products as in the past.


There’s not a more comfortable pool to swim in than a salt pool. Many folks have the idea that the water will have the same taste and feel as ocean water, but that’s not the case at all. Our experience is that there is NO burning of the eyes or skin irritation with a salt pool as compared to the ocean. Salt pools are by far the most trouble free when managed properly and the water is usually the clearest water a pool owner will experience.


From a cost standpoint, a saltwater pool is the most affordable pool to maintain. After an initial, upfront investment and installation of some simple equipment, salt water pools are the most affordable pools to care for. As long as the pool is managed to its full advantages, the upfront costs are usually recouped in no more than 3 years. If proper use and care are exercised, the salt pool equipment can last up to 10 years or more and chemical costs are ridiculously low! There is absolutely no other pool operating system that offers so many benefits to bathers and pool owners as a properly functioning and well maintained saltwater pool.


Probably because of the growing popularity of salt pools, there are many different manufacturers of salt pool equipment and it can be confusing to the consumer which to purchase. The basic systems are very simple and straightforward to operate and require at least weekly testing as a normal pool does. The more refined systems can actually monitor and maintain proper parameters in the pool water and make maintenance quite simple. Its necessary to have the correct amount of salt in the pool and of course that is determined for the most part by pool volume. However, some equipment operates at different salt parameters than others, and as with other pool systems, there are pitfalls to be aware of with salt pool systems.


Proper use and application of a salt pool and its equipment can lead to the most trouble free pool care possible and extended life to pool surfaces and equipment. On the other hand, the unknowing pool operator can easily damage the salt pool equipment and everything the pool water contacts if he/she fails to follow certain guidelines. Therefore it is strongly advised that before one invests in changing their pool over to a salt system that they get some professional advice.

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