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Outdoor and landscape lighting can be one of the most important facets of a truly memorable lawn or property. If done right, high quality outdoor lighting can accentuate the beauty of your landscape, all while adding to the ambiance as soon as the sun goes down. Even better, it allows for your new design to be appreciated at all times, something that no other product can accomplish! But, with all that said, lighting is something that needs to be treated with caution and implemented with true skill; after all, it cannot be jarring, and it should not be overused.


That’s why, here at Great Scapes, we have done our best to learn the ways of correctly installing landscape lighting so that your home looks more beautiful than ever. Trust us; with the right lighting, your landscape will flourish, and we are here to help you with precisely that.


Our Lighting Services


We offer a variety of premium lighting services, mostly included with our landscape packages, which are sure to improve your landscape by adding beauty and a perfect ambiance. Here are just a few of those services:


  • Patio Lighting: Perhaps the most common lighting service we provide, patio lighting is ubiquitous, practical and, when put in the right hands, absolutely mesmerizing. From gorgeous street style lamps, to string ambiance lighting that your neighbors won’t ever forget, our patio lighting products are as various as they are incredible. Just call today to see what we have to offer!

  • Walkway Lighting: If you enjoy night walks through your garden, then walkway lighting is precisely what you need. Truly, we can turn any walkway into a midnight wonderland, with soft lights glowing and twinkling among your ferns and lilies and ground lamps showing you the way. This type of landscape lighting is also perfect for the front lawn if you have a path leading to your door!

  • Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting: Let’s face it; the price of electricity is increasing every year, and we all need a way to save a bit of money on electricity costs. Fortunately, our low voltage landscape lighting provides beauty without eating up too much energy. Go green with our low voltage landscape lighting!

  • Water Feature/Pool Lighting: Nothing is quite as relaxing as a burbling fountain with lights playing off the water, or even a midnight swim, illuminated by below the surface lighting. This is why we provide a catalog worth of gorgeous lights for your backyard water features. Just trust us; if you like entertaining guests with pool parties, this is the package you will want!


Why GreatScapes?


At the end of the day, there are a wide variety of companies out there providing outdoor lighting and landscape lighting just like us; however, few can match the value and skill that we provide. No matter what product you are in the market for, we have the experience necessary to ensure that you are getting the best product, service and value. And, because we approach every job with the mindset of pleasing you, our customer, we know you won’t be disappointed. Without a doubt, when it comes to landscape lighting and landscaping in general, we are the best around.


Call today at (410) 867-6480 for your quote so you can have your dream landscape lighting tomorrow!

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