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irrigation_pic1In landscaping, irrigation is an extremely important installation. It helps provide enough moisture in the soil to encourage the germination of seeds. It also helps with the absorption of the much-needed minerals found in soil, while also providing hydrogen and oxygen to growing plants.


That’s why we only provide high-quality and efficient systems for your property. We install them carefully to ensure that our clients will only get durable and functional irrigation.


If these are installed by inexperienced professionals, your landscape could be compromised. When these are built using substandard materials, these would result to various problems, such as:


  • Water overflow or puddles that are caused by sprinklers, drains, or valves that have been clogged with debris.
  • Leaks from loose pipes or valves.
  • Over-sprays due to improper installation of sprinklers or miscalculation of their proper locations.
  • Pipe breaks due to low-quality materials.
  • Plant damage caused by too much or lack of water.
  • Soil erosion or displacement.


In order to prevent these costly problems, only rely on experienced and reliable irrigation services contractor like Great Scapes.


Irrigation System Installation


Great Scapes can help you with irrigation system installation and repair. Our irrigation technicians are the best in Maryland, and our work is 100% guaranteed. We design and install sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems from Virginia to Delaware as well as the Eastern Shore.


Drip Irrigation Systems


Our Northeast climate is perfectly suited for drip irrigation. We recommend drip irrigation systems for most trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers, and narrow planting areas. Drip is now widely used for watering landscapes across all of the Northeast. It conserves water, reduces weed growth and promotes plant health by emitting water to each plant’s root zone. To be efficient, a drip irrigation system needs to be designed, installed and programmed properly. That’s where Great Scapes comes in.


Automatic Sprinkler Systems


Automatic sprinkler systems are used for turf areas, very large trees, and areas that require a high level of moisture. Sprinkler output can vary depending on your sprinkler system design and water pressure. Although automatic sprinkler systems are appropriate for lawn areas, drip irrigation, bubbler, or micro-sprinkler systems are more efficient for watering annual and perennial plants. Adjusting your automatic sprinkler system as the seasons change will help to conserve water.


Irrigation System Design & Renovation


Great Scapes can design a new irrigation system customized for your landscape. We can also renovate your existing system to be more efficient. We can upgrade or retrofit an aging irrigation system with new timers, tubing and components. We accurately measure your yard and determine the best type of irrigation system for your plants. We lay out the piping routes, determine flow rates and provide all the sprinkler heads, valves, backflow preventers, timers, emitters and all the components that will go into your new irrigation system.

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